Divorce Cases

Divorce Lawyers in UAE

UAE has one of the highest divorce rates in the region. In 2014, Dubai recorded 1,129 divorce cases, filed by the citizens. There are various reasons behind high rates of divorce including extra marital affairs, infidelity, poor communication, job loss, financial stress, doubt on the spouse, cultural difference and many more. But how should a couple go for separating themselves? How to file a divorce in UAE? This is how

Divorce among Muslims:

The first step for filing a divorce in UAE is to register a case with the Moral and Family Guidance section of the Dubai courts. If both parties are adamant or any one party is steadfast on separation then the case will be forwarded to the court. It is better to hire one of the specialist divorce lawyers in Dubai, UAE for paperwork before filing a case. The lawyer can also help with reconciliation in case both parties want that.

Divorce among Non-Muslims:

Non-Muslim couples married in Dubai, UAE can file a divorce case in Dubai courts. Though, the matters become complex because of foreign laws, child custody, and division of assets. Because the law is different for their country and in Dubai. Dubai operates on Sharia law and if the divorce is filed in the city, the courts will decide as per sharia law. It is given first priority in any legal matter. In such complex matters, Divorce lawyers in Dubai, UAE help with the process and costs. Before the divorce, a questionnaire is filled and provided to the lawyer to give him an idea.