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Cheque Bounce

A cheque that has been returned back to the submitter because of lack of funds in his account is called a bounced cheque. A bounced cheque is a public offense and can also lead to jail time. In this blog, you will find out about the fees of a bounced cheque and its punishment.

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Legal Actions

It is often confusing to determine whether one needs a legal consultant or not when dealing with the corporate matter. Though, both the state and the courts encourage citizens to solve matters out of court.But in many scenarios, this is not possible especially when one of the parties is adamantly unobliging.

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Bank Cases

Bank can take action against you if you default on a bank loan. That is why, it is seriously important to know all about how the bank loan law in Dubai works, before applying for a bank loan. Usually, a bank will grant you a loan only if your salary is more than 5000AED.This is the lowest minimum amount.

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Drug Cases

We understand the sensitivity of today’s drug crisis, and we provide a secure and sure solution to all your woes. We are specialized in criminal defendants and offenders, juvenile offenders, and parents with pending child welfare cases who have alcohol and other drug dependency problems.

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Divorce Cases

UAE has one of the highest divorce rates in the region. In 2014, Dubai recorded 1,129 divorce cases, filed by the citizens. There are various reasons behind high rates of divorce including extra marital affairs, infidelity, poor communication, job loss, financial stress, doubt on the spouse, cultural difference and many more.

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Do you have case From Bank In police??? (loan/credit/Check Bounce).

If you having any problem with your BANKS or you have any case from your bank we can finish or sort out your problem like as ,

Company Loan

Personal Loan

Furniture Loan

Home Loan

Credit Cards

Convert Jail to Fine

Police Case

Immigration Cases

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